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Many people are now waking up to the idea of creating a better, more sustainable life on the planet. Many of our old ways of constructing and structuring our world have become too toxic and life-damaging. We continue to search for new ways to help Mother Earth, and ourselves and create a life that is good for all Earth’s inhabitants.

Unfortunately, there is a growing problem on the horizon that many people have ignored, because it is invisible; they don’t know that it exists. This is the problem with the electromagnetic fields and frequencies that bombard us daily, while we are working, playing, eating, and sleeping. We are continually being barraged, 24/7, by frequencies from overhead satellites, microwave and cell phone towers, our computers, wireless Internet, and the latest WiMax technology (“4G Network”).

Anything electrical, electronic or battery-powered weakens our natural human energy field. Exposure to such detrimental frequencies has been linked to greater depression, fatigue, irritability, stress, and a higher incidence of immune system problems. And, because the frequencies are invisible, most people have no clue why they are feeling the way they do.

When you feel tired, you don’t question the affect of the new iPhone you’ve been carrying in your pocket or purse. You don’t wonder if the movie you downloaded onto your phone and have been watching could be weakening your energy field, thus causing greater fatigue. What options do you really have, when the problem you are dealing with is invisible and impossible to see?

If you’re on the run, you grab a soda, or some other sugary treat. That extra sugar rush is just what you need to keep you going for a little while longer. “Energy drinks” are popular now. All of the negative fields and frequencies are so draining to our physical bodies, many people are indeed noticing they need more energy!

Some people, unfortunately, turn to more alcohol or drugs, in order to escape their growing problems, which seem so insurmountable. Some people simply pop more aspirin, to alleviate the headaches that often result from the overwhelming stress of the daily bombardments. Some people choose to sleep more because of the extra fatigue they feel. However, that sleep is often not restful enough, because the detrimental fields and frequencies also seem to disrupt our pineal gland, which controls the sleep and aging function of our body.

What can you do to avoid the challenges of life in a high-tech world? There is no easy answer, but there are certain steps you can take:

  1. Don’t give up your landline. So many people in the Chicago area gave up their land lines that AT&T had to lay off several divisions of workers who no longer had anything to do! Germany has also encouraged its citizens not to give up their landlines, since cell phones have seemed so controversial as far as their potential health risks.
  2. Turn off your computer and your WiFi connection every night when you sleep. Many people leave these on, which means you are being bombarded, throughout the night, with disruptive, life-damaging frequencies. Experts may say that leaving your computer on is good for your computer, but your health and well-being are far more important!
  3. When you do use your computer, limit your time to 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of rest. This will allow your energy field to recover to some degree. Computer “marathon sessions” will drain you and weaken your energy field to a much greater degree than if you take a periodic rest in this way.
  4. Limit the use of your Bluetooth earpiece. You may need to use it to be legal while driving your car, but know that you are doubling the risk to your brain in doing so. Not only are you receiving the phone frequencies uncomfortably close to your head, but your brain is also exposed to the energy of the earpiece’s battery. You may want to seriously ponder if it’s more important to receive a phone call at any given moment, or keep your brain as healthy as possible.

As challenging as life may be in a high-tech world, there are steps that you can take to support your health and well-being. Technology has helped us in many ways, but the invisible harm it is doing to each and every one of us can no longer be ignored.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D, is an author and expert in “Telepathic Healing.” With 38 years of research and development, she is also a pioneer in dealing with the energetic impact of modern technology on the physical body and subtle energy field, and how to overcome the problems we face as a result. To learn more, visit: www.lighthealing.com or call (512) 301-2999.