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A Breath of Healing


  In this beautiful poem that Snatam and Mirabai Cela, both noted Kundalini Yoga musical artists, have put to music we speak directly to our soul. This beautiful poem asks us to consider our path and that if we live, love, sing fully, with all our life and heart, we will not have to repeat that thing. This we call karma. If we lived so very fully we certainly would be engaging the potential of our soul, unlike the term “live up to your potential’ in the realm of the external world; we might be rewarded with external things for living from the depth of our soul or not, but it should not matter as the experience of the soul is the rich and right path. “You cannot take it with you” but the soul will pass over. In Kundalini Yoga we chant AKAL to help the soul pass over. 

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  You may have heard that one about telling God your plans so he can laugh at you. When I was a little girl I envisioned being the first woman President, no joke. I know stories of people who envisioned something so strongly it happened but I have to be honest- I know those that have envisioned a lot and never got what they had envisioned. 
  I still think the whole thing is a huge mystery. It cannot hurt to have hope. It cannot hurt to have faith. It cannot hurt to be an eternal optimist. How many of us care to be around the person always complaining about the way things turned out?

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  A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth and by flexing muscles throughout the mouth. Some smiles include contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes. Among humans, it is an expression denoting pleasure, sociability, happiness, or amusement, but can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety, in which case it is known as a grimace. Smiling is something that is understood by everyone despite culture, race, or religion; it is internationally known. Cross-cultural studies have shown that smiling is a means of communication throughout the world. But there are large differences between different cultures. A smile can also be spontaneous or artificial.

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  I was recently told of an African tribe that does the most beautiful thing. 
  When someone does something hurtful or wrong, they take the person to the center of town, and the entire tribe comes and surrounds him. For two days they’ll tell the man every good thing he has ever done.

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For those who can watch... First a clip on aging that brings some humor and some warmness to the subject of aging.

   Second, reasons why not eating meat saves animals from death and more.

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  It could also be a formal admission to adulthood in a community. In an extended sense it can signify transformation in which the initiate is reborn into a new role.
  Example: Hindu Diksha, Christian Baptism, Jewish Bar or Bat Mitzvah, fraternities (interesting they do not mention sororities), secret society or religious order, graduation from school, recruit training.

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A few weeks ago as I sat talking to a man I teach yoga to in his home I saw that he had this saying next to him on the side table:

“Patience is the ability to end our expectations.”

All my life I have been collecting quotes to live by but had never heard this one. It was part of this man’s work to heal himself, not knowing when and if that would happen.

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